FoodBytes is an entrepreneurial idea aiming to decrease food wastage


The FoodBytes AI uses image recognition software built with TensorFlow to identify the type and amount of food wasted on each plate and suggest changes to the portion sizes and menus of restaurants and catering services to help reduce food waste and costs.

We pitched our idea at the F Factor National Entrepreneurship Competition and reached the Semifinals. Ben Elliot, the UK government’s Food Surplus and Waste Champion heard about our initiative through the competitions that we entered and invited us to the National Food Waste Symposium at the V&A Museum.

The Team

Jasamrit Rahala, Vimal Kamath, Zachary Marinov, John Chang, Hasit Nanda, Aarit Bhattacharya

F Factor Competition Pitch

Ben Elliot¬†(Wikipedia), the UK Government’s Minister of Food Surplus and Waste invited our team to the national food waste symposium at the V&A museum. We learned from food industry leaders about the steps they are taking to reduce food waste and how we might play a role in contributing to this goal.

Zachary Marinov, Ben Elliot, and Hasit Nanda at the national food waste symposium