Hasit Nanda

Senior at Eton College


I am a senior at Eton College, a boarding school in the UK. While growing up, my parents moved around often, which required me to change schools frequently and so Eton College is the 11th school I have attended. I was born in the US and spent some of my childhood in India. As a result, I have spent a third of my life in each of the UK, US, and India. I am passionate about broadening these experiences by interacting with diverse people and educational systems from around the world.

I have 4 years of competitive debate experience and I am the head of outreach on my school debate society committee. To make debating more accessible, I founded the Art of Debating organization. I provide digital resources to help students improve their debating skills and provide debate coaching through workshops and summer programs.

I recruited members of my school’s debating society and organized a 6 week Debate Workshop Program for students from state schools part of the Thames Valley Learning Partnership (TVLP). This initiative won Eton’s Birchall Prize for Community Engagement.

I have been a member of the Program in Algorithmic and Computational Thinking (PACT) since 2019 as both a student and subsequently a mentor. I have had the opportunity to work with PACT’s founder, Dr. Rajiv Gandhi to gain research experience as well as to expand the PACT organization. To stretch myself further, I completed the Princeton COS 126 and COS 226 courses.

My team and I created FoodBytes, an AI management tool designed to reduce food waste. It uses image recognition software built with Tensor Flow to identify the type and amount of food wasted in catering services and suggests changes to the portion sizes and menus. Our team reached the semi-finals of the F Factor National Entrepreneurship Competition.

I have been playing the piano for over 10 years. I am currently working on the Trinity Grade 8 syllabus. I enjoy learning pop songs as well as singing while playing the piano. I also like drawing some of the characters from my favorite anime, Dragon Ball Z.

Over lockdown I started cooking for my family. I particularly enjoy eating and cooking food from Thai and Indian cuisines. My main motivation for cooking comes from the reward of being able to eat whatever I create!


House Captain of Sports

Captain of Sports for College House, Eton for popularly played games like Football, Cricket, Field games, Fives etc.

Chief Editor - School Science Magazine

Coordinate team of editors, writers and designers to produce bi-annual edition of school science magazine.

STEM Quantum Mechanics Research Project

Explored conditions for NOON states to explain difficulty in maintaining large superpositions.

Head of Outreach - Debate Committee

Responsible for conducting weekly training sessions for students and outreach workshops for state school students.

Keeper of School Chess

Captain of School Chess A Team. Responsible for organizing school chess matches and inter-house chess competitions.

House Eton Action Representative

Responsible for Fund Raising - raised £1000 for the Eton Action Charity through House Cooking competition.